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The Lassig is located in Chico, CA, USA

PH.: 530-809-1699
Managing Partner: Claudia Lässig, Karin Heinrich, Stefan Lässig

LASSIG combines creativity, functionality and responsibility making LASSIG products especially serviceable, innovative and above all stylish. They are the ideal everyday companions in every situation.

“Live leisurely“ is not only our motto, but a lifestyle for the whole family. The Lassig philosophy, from our employees to our products, is that of living with spirit and style.

LASSIG is aware of the ecological effects of the manufacturing processes of all the products in its portfolio. Therefore, we proudly combine innovation, fashion and safety with materials that are tested for harmful substances in any of our items.

LASSIG is fresh, cheeky and young, stylish, durable and responsible and conveys our customers the feeling of having made the right choice when buying. LASSIG is a leading brand for baby, preschool, teenager, lifestyle and office products.