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Buggy Bag

The LASSIG Casual Buggy Bags are not only fashionable handbags but also a practical accessory. The plain-colored bags are an elegant and stylish daylight companion with a surprise feature for nighttime hours. The bags are covered with an unobtrusive star design that is almost invisible in daylight yet becomes reflective when exposed to light. These sparkling stars keep mother and child especially safe, for they ensure high visibility to motorists and cyclists when taking a walk with the stroller on cloudy and dark fall and winter days. The small bag can be carried in the hand by its loops, casually slung over the shoulder with the height-adjustable strap or also attached to the stroller using stroller hooks. Featuring a large main compartment and a side net pocket, the Buggy Bag is a perfect companion for parents who are out and about town with the stroller. With storage space for a small number of utensils like diapers, bibs, baby food jars, and baby wipes, this multi-functional bag is securely attached to the stroller; it is a perfect successor to the diaper bag or an alternative for short trips when only a few odds and ends have to be taken along. This shiny collection is complemented by the matching compact Buggy Organizer, a small bag that is suitable for necessities like a bottle, cookies, and baby wipes and can also be directly attached to the stroller. A practical accessory for short outings and fast trips. Those who love the idea of reflecting elements but need a diaper bag with a full range of accessories will also find a suitable model in the messenger bag collection.