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1101010201_1.jpg Adventure Tote Bag, Limited Edition
article number: 1101010201
$131.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

1106009000_1.jpg Tyve Diaper Clutch, Black
Green Label
article number: 1106009000
$38.50 *

In stock, delivery time within 5-10 working days

1106009201_1.jpg Tyve Diaper Clutch, Light grey
Green Label
article number: 1106009201
$38.50 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

1101024000_1.jpg Andrea Shoulder Bag, Black
article number: 1101024000
$142.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

4101011400_1.jpg Marv Shoulder Diaper Bag, Blue
article number: 4101011400
$54.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 5-10 working days

1102001300_1.jpg Tender Toby Diaper Bag, Choco
article number: 1102001300
$129.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

1107002602_1.jpg Buggy Organizer, Reflective Star Flaming
article number: 1107002602
$33.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

1102002209_1.jpg Casual Messenger Bag , Cork Star Light Grey
article number: 1102002209
$99.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

1107002207_1.jpg Buggy Organizer, Triangle Dark Grey
article number: 1107002207
$33.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days June 28, 2019

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Diaper Bag

The time during the pregnancy raises many questions such as what can I eat and what not? Which sports can I still exercise or how should my baby be called? What is the ideal initial equipment for babies? Most parents seek advice, do research online, or ask their own parents what they did and what they needed. While a stroller, car seat, changing table, and diapers are of course among the necessary items that come to mind, choosing the “right” diaper bag can be a real game changer! Especially when parents are often on the go, juggling many tasks, and packing countless necessities, a durable and practical diaper bag is an indispensable item on the baby wish list.

Diaper bag - indispensable item on the baby wish list

Whether a gift for the birth, recommended by a midwife or even bought – during day to day life it becomes clear which features a diaper bag must have. Every parent wants to feel organized and ready to take on the world when they leave home with baby. A LASSIG diaper bag makes moms (and dads alike) feel like superheros, because our diaper bags are designed to meet the needs of parents, while allowing you to express your own unique sense of style. A functional diaper bag with useful accessories can be a lifesaver in the park, in the café or a shopping center. With so many things a baby needs on the go, having the diapers, wipes, cream and also your own essentials easily accessible, not only makes life easier, but allows you to focus on what matters most, your sweet little one.

Diaper bags accessories - combination of design and function

Diaper bag accessories can be indispensable tools in a parent’s arsenal. When purchasing a diaper bag, who wants to have to purchase all of the necessary accessories separately?  We sure don’t! That’s why whether you prefer a large diaper bag, a small diaper bag or even a twin diaper bag, these useful accessories come standard with every LASSIG diaper bag:

The water-repellent changing mat does not only provide time and space for changing diapers but also hygienic safety.
The insulated, removable bottle holder offers the possibility that baby food or milk bottles are kept cold or warm.
In the small multipurpose zipper pouch you can keep all small bits and pieces.
The removable compartment for baby food jars keeps your baby food jars or water bottle steady.
Your mobile phone can be stored away in the integrated mobile phone compartment.
The key can be attached directly to the convenient key finder.
Wet wipes or used damp clothes can be stored safe and hygienic in the designated water-repellent compartment inside the diaper bag.
Each diaper bag has a stroller attachment and an additional, adjustable shoulder strap which provide relief for your shoulders and back.

As an extra accessory for the diaper bag, you can also buy one of our stylish changing pouches. All important diaper changing utensils are stowed compactly – the perfect accessory for spontaneous parents: LASSIG’s Changing Pouch Floral Mint fits into every handbag. So every day you can decide which handbag or backpack you would like to use. The mobile diaper bag for an adventure with your child.

3 in 1 diaper bag: Convert from shoulder bag to messenger bag to changing backpack

Various carrying options are not only practical, they also make the diaper bag appear in a new perspective. So it does not surprise us that the unisex bags are also used as diaper bags for men, as well as our minimalistic designed backpacks are accepted as diaper backpacks for men. Thanks to the stroller hooks, the diaper bag can also be taken off your shoulders and directly attached to a stroller or bicycle trailer. This both protects your back and is practical. In no time, the diaper bag can be converted with the extra shoulder strap into a shoulder bag. Depending on the diaper bag, it can also be transformed into a changing backpack so that your hands are free.

Diaper bag or changing backpack? - the main thing is individual, stylish and sustainable

We wondered if diaper bags and diaper backpacks should always look like diaper bag. We also asked ourselves: Why is motherhood always emphasized and not womanhood? And cannot these functional diaper bags be fashion accessories at the same time? Our answer is simple: yes.

With the different colors, patterns and materials of our high-quality diaper bags we inspire mothers and fathers worldwide. The accessories can be packed or taken out as you like no diaper bag is like the other. Our diaper bags and diaper bag backpacks do not look like diaper bags, but like stylish handbags and backpacks: The diaper bags and backpacks from our Glam collection are very popular with active mothers who want to be chic and well prepared with their kids on tour. Sustainability in style: The Green Label diaper bags offer a wide selection of sustainable diaper bags. All diaper bags from LASSIG are made from harmful tested materials. Our Green Label diaper bags are even made of recycled, water and energy saving materials. Not only do the materials of the Green Label diaper bags stand for sustainability, but also the LASSIG ideals. LASSIG diaper bags cannot only be used as a diaper bag. The extensive accessories can be removed at any time; so the diaper bag can be used as a handbag - even after the child is no longer in diapers.

LASSIG is committed to designing products that inspire and improve the lives of parents through the combination of design and function.