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Goldie Backpack Diaper Bag for Twins, Anthracite
article number: 1103016245

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Diaper Bag Mix 'n Match Bag, light grey
Green Label
article number: LMNMB641

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Diaper Bag

Pregnancy raises many questions: Which foods are healthiest? What kind of exercise is best? What should I name my baby? Which products are indispensable right away?
Most parents seeking advice on these and countless other questions do their own research online or ask their friends or family members for insight.
When it comes to the right products, although a stroller, car seat, and changing table are all necessary, there’s no substitute for choosing the right diaper bag. It can be a real game changer, especially when you’re on the go, juggling a multitude of tasks, and needing access to countless necessities on a moment’s notice.

The diaper bag: An indispensable item on your baby wish list

Whether you’re giving it as a baby shower gift or buying one for yourself, there are several features to consider when shopping for a diaper bag. Every parent wants to feel organized and ready to take on the world when leaving home with the baby. A LASSIG diaper bag makes moms and dads feel like superheroes, because our products are designed to meet the practical needs of parents, while still expressing a unique sense of style. A functional diaper bag with useful accessories can be a lifesaver in the park, at the café, or during a trip to the mall. Having easy access to diapers, wipes, creams, and powders (not to mention your own essentials) not only makes life easier, but also allows you to focus on what matters most, your child.

Diaper bags accessories: Where design and function meet

Diaper bag accessories are indispensable tools in a parent’s arsenal. When purchasing a diaper bag, who wants to have to purchase all the necessary accessories separately? We sure don’t! That’s why whether you prefer a large diaper bag, a small diaper bag or even a twin diaper bag, these useful accessories come standard with every LASSIG diaper bag:

  • The water-repellent changing mat provides lots of space for changing diapers and hygienic safety, too.
  • The insulated, removable bottle holder allows the baby’s food or milk to be kept either cold or warm.
  • The small, incredibly convenient multipurpose zipper pouch lets you keep any and all small items handy and organized.
  • The removable compartment keeps baby food jars or water bottle steady.
  • The integrated mobile phone compartment keeps your phone well protected.
  • The convenient key finder keeps your keys attached and instantly find-able.
  • The water-repellent compartment allows you to pack away wet wipes or damp clothes.
  • A stroller attachment and additional, adjustable shoulder strap provides relief for your shoulders and back.
  • As an extra accessory for your diaper bag, you can also buy one of our stylish changing pouches. It’s the perfect accessory for spontaneous parents who need to make quick diaper changes on the run! LASSIG’s Changing Pouch Floral Mint fits into every handbag, so every day you can decide which bag or backpack you’d like to use.

Three bags in one

Your LASSIG diaper bag can convert from a shoulder bag to a messenger bag to a changing backpack in a flash! These various carrying options are not just practical, they also let you choose the look and style you prefer on any given day. Thanks to the stroller hooks, the diaper bag can be taken off your shoulders and directly attached to a stroller or bicycle trailer, which protects your back. In no time, using the extra shoulder strap, the diaper bag can be converted into a shoulder bag. Depending on the diaper bag, it can also be transformed into a changing backpack so that your hands are free. And by the way, our unisex and minimalistic backpacks are great  diaper backpacks for men.

It's all about your own style

We wondered, did diaper bags have to look like diaper bags? We also asked, why is motherhood always emphasized and not womanhood? Couldn’t functional diaper bags also be fashion accessories at the same time? Our answer to the latter question was a simple, resounding, “YES!”
With a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials, our high-quality diaper bags inspire mothers and fathers worldwide. The accessories can be packed or taken out as you like; the options are practically endless. Our diaper bags and diaper bag backpacks do not look like diaper bags, but like stylish handbags and backpacks. For example, diaper bags and backpacks from our Glam collection are very popular with active mothers who want to be chic and ready for anything when out and about with their babies and toddlers. Style can be environmentally friendly, too: our Green Label diaper bags offer a wide selection of sustainable diaper bags. All diaper bags from LASSIG are safe, tested for harmful chemicals or dyes. Our Green Label diaper bags are even made of recycled, water- and energy-saving materials. Those materials in the Green Label bag stand for sustainability, but more broadly, they also represent LASSIG’s sense of ethics. LASSIG diaper bags aren’t just used as diaper bags. The extensive accessories can be removed, so the diaper bag can be used as a stylish handbag—even long after the child is out of diapers.

LASSIG is committed to designing products that inspire and improve the lives of parents through the combination of design and function.