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Bild 1 Wickelrucksack Zwillinge - Goldie Twin Backpack, Anthracite
Goldie Diaper Backpack for Twins, Anthracite
article number: 1103016245

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Bild 1 Wickelrucksack - Green Label Tyve Backpack, Grey
Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack, Grey
Green Label
article number: 1103011231

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Bild 1 Wickelrucksack - Glam Goldie Backpack, Mint
Glam Goldie Backpack, Mint
article number: 1103010511

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Diaper Backpacks by LASSIG

The diaper backpack has been a popular diaper bag alternative for years. The diaper backpack makes it easy to bring comfort, functionality, and beautiful design into casual harmony. With a variety of stylish prints, patterns, and wearing options, the diaper backpack fits perfectly into many looks and offers enough storage space for everyday use with your baby. The life challenges that come with a new baby can easily be solved with a diaper bag or changing backpack. In the end, your choice comes down to the style that suits you best.

Diaper backpack: combination diaper bag and backpack

A diaper backpack offers parents a lot of flexibility in their daily lives, and quickly demonstrates just how helpful and practical a diaper backpack can be. Especially if you prefer to hold your baby, or if you have more than one child, it’s often easier to carry a backpack rather than a handbag. Because the backpack is a daily companion for several years, LASSIG’s diaper backpacks are made of robust, durable, and easy-to-care-for materials. The weight of the bag is evenly distributed on both shoulders as well as the hips. Our diaper backpacks offer 3-in-1 wearing options, so in no time at all, the diaper backpack can be transformed into a shoulder bag (by applying the additional shoulder strap) or carried in the hand or on one or both shoulders. If necessary, the backpack straps and buckles can also easily be stowed in the back compartment. Thanks to the stroller hooks, the diaper backpack can also be fastened directly to a stroller or bicycle trailer, all of which make it convenient and easy on your back, too.

Diaper backpack accessories: specially designed for the needs of parents

Backpacks generally offer plenty of space, but a diaper backpack is especially designed to meet the needs of parents during diaper-changing time. LASSIG backpacks have a miraculous amount of available space; due to the easily accessible outer opening, a well-organized inside, and spacious compartments, everything is easily at hand with little if any searching. Experienced parents appreciate this, because they know that when the baby needs to be changed, doing it quickly and easily is a must. Even better, in all LASSIG diaper backpacks the following basic accessories are already included:

  • The water-repellent changing mat provides lots of space for changing diapers and hygienic safety, too.
  • The insulated, removable bottle holder allows the baby’s food or milk to be kept either cold or warm.
  • The utility bag is handy and convenient.
  • The removable compartment keeps baby food jars or water bottle steady.
  • The integrated mobile phone compartment keeps your phone well protected.
  • The convenient key finder keeps your keys attached and instantly find-able.
  • The water-repellent compartment allows you to pack away wet wipes or damp clothes.
  • And as an extra accessory, you can also buy one of our stylish changing pouches. It’s the perfect accessory for spontaneous parents who need to make quick diaper changes on the run! LASSIG’s Changing Pouch Floral Mint fits into every handbag, so every day you can decide which bag or backpack you’d like to use.

In addition, if necessary, parents can remove the all accessories from the diaper backpack, which makes this the ideal companion during and after diaper changes.

Diaper backpack or diaper bag: practical and sustainable

Simple but stylish? Innovative or traditional? High quality and durable? Many options and combinations are available to meet your unique needs and sense of adventure! Have a look around the LASSIG online shop and discover our wide variety of bags.
Mothers can experience glittery moments with the Goldie Diaper Backpack, which combines functionality with fashionable accents in a glamorous way. With the doctor-case opening and well- organized inside, you have everything at your fingertips. As a twin diaper backpack, the Goldie XXL diaper backpack offers plenty of space to keep everything ready for outings with two babies. To construct our Green Label diaper backpack collection, we use recycled, water- and energy-saving materials. The Green Label Tyve diaper backpack impresses with its minimalistic look. The innovative Tyvek® material from Dupont is particularly lightweight and is selected as the base material for this diaper backpack due to its durability and resistance to tearing. This is one bag that’s truly unisex, as it is perfectly suitable for women as well as making a great backpack for men. And it makes a wonderful gift for new dads! The little backpack Little One & Me provides extra security and offers the ultimate adorable parent-child matching look. We also offer a line of kids backpack that are perfect for your independent little adventurer.

As you can see, LASSIG's wide variety of diaper backpacks offer choice and flexibilty for all life situations!

The different wearing options of a diaper backpack do not only offer variety for the back, but also variety for all life situations!