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Big Kids Backpack, Spooky Peach
article number: 1203009826
$54.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

Car Wrap-to-Go Little Monsters Bouncing Bob
Little Monsters
article number: LCWTG1193
$40.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 5-10 working days

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When you and your kids are on the go, LASSIG’s superb line of travel accessories is ready to support your travels both around the world as well as across town.

Whether you need car organizers to help keep the kids’ stuff handy during road trips, or backpacks, roller suitcases, and toiletry bags for little ones to call their own, LASSIG has the perfect product to support the perfect travel adventure! With loads of storage space and water-resistant materials, these accessories will prove indispensable.

All LASSIG travel accessories are stylish, fun, and durable, so they’ll work well and look great for many years and miles to come. Don’t leave home without them!