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Now you're ready for the big city: You will be absolutely in vogue and a true eye-catcher while window shopping. The Tender Diaper Bags boast equally impressive design and style. The fashion accessory is more than a diaper bag. The bags comes with suitable accessories like a water-repellent changing mat, a removable compartment for baby food jars, a water-repellent wet pocket, and many other details for baby items. The bag is also perfect for Mom's accessories, attached to the stroller or slung over the shoulder. Later when the child is past the diaper age, this beautiful bag can also be used as a stylish handbag. This way the bag can be used in the interests of sustainability for a long time.

We support the repsonsible task of parents with functional products that not only fulfill their specific needs in everyday life – but also those of a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, we only manufacture our bags from uncritical, non-toxic materials.