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Diaper Bag Mix 'n Match Bag, light grey
Green Label
article number: LMNMB641

We are very sorry, but LASSIG products can no longer be ordered through this website. Products only available at a store near by you or from other online stores. Thank you for your understanding.

Green Label

All Green Label Diaper Bags are dressy companions for hands-on mothers that like to celebrate their daily family routine in style. They are an attention getter, if attached to the buggy or shouldered as soon as moms are downtown for shopping with kith and kin. So the favorite bag will be probably chosen quickly, only the color must still be geared to one’s individual wardrobe.

It is a sustainably produced and eco friendly diaper bag for moms who prefer to design and adjust their bag individually.

Lassig supports the responsible task of parents with functional products that not only fulfill their specific needs in everyday life – but also those of a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, Lassig only manufactures products that are free from toxins and other harmful substances. In other words, our products never contain the following: PVC, nickel, azo dyes, lead, BPAs or phthalates). We make way for the joy of living, activity and a conscious sustainable use of resources offered to us by nature.

Spin dye: The main difference of the spin dye lies in the coloring process: Whereas in traditional fabric dying the fabric is put into big color baths, our new developed material is colored already before spinning the yarn. The benefits are less water consumption, less liquid wastage and also a reducing not only resources, but above all energy.

Ecoya® is especially resource-efficient. For the dyeing process of the Ecoya® fabric water consumption and the CO2 emission are reduced and fewer chemicals are used than in customary dyeing procedures.

The Cyclepet Certificate guarantees that the fabrics are made from postconsumer, recycled PET containers and bottles. This process preserves not only resources, but above all energy.