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Swim Diaper, Lobster
Splash & Fun
article number: 1431002552-06
$15.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

Swim Diaper, Penguin mint
Splash & Fun
article number: 1431002538-24
$15.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

Set Swim Diaper & Hat, Polka Dots Navy
article number: 1431017413-06
$31.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

Set Swim Diaper & Hat, Viking
article number: 1431016411-06
$31.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 3-5 working days

Set Swim Diaper & Hat, Sun
article number: 1431017803
$26.95 *

In stock, delivery time within 5-10 working days

swim diaper

Take a bath with LASSIG! Splish Splash ... the bathing season has opened and your little pirates already hoist the beach towel? The reusable baby swim diaper is perfect for little bathing mermaids or sailors. Whether holiday on the beach, trip to the pool or baby swimming course - with the LASSIG bathing diaper major misadventures are stopped, because the swim diapers are specially developed diapers for water.

Baby swim diaper: maximum leakage protection
Damp skin is uncomfortable. However, the special materials of the baby swim diaper ensure a comfortable fit. The unparalleled, patented, moisture-absorbing lining and inlay system, the "one directional wicking" function, ensures that larger quantities of liquid are absorbed by absorbent terry cloth that is placed between the lining and the outer fabric. This way the moisture in the diaper is immediately forwarded to the outside of the diaper. There, the liquid expands flatly to evaporate. The diaper lining feels almost 100% dry and the contact of the baby skin with moisture is reduced to a minimum. Conventional reusable swimming diapers absorb the fluid and spread it as much as possible on the lining surface so that the skin is permanently in contact with a large, moist surface.

High wearing comfort of the bathing diapers through innovative materials and processing
We use the latest technologies to bring design, comfort and functionality into harmony so that the baby feels comfortable in the swim diaper. For the LASSIG baby swim diaper we do without traditional seams in the genital area. We rely on innovative designs and processing techniques that enable the use of different fiber and functional techniques exactly where they are needed. Instead of traditional metal eyelets, embroidered eyelets (like a buttonhole) are used. The careful selection of high-quality and especially soft yarns for hem and eyelets protects the sensitive baby skin. A perfect fit, high-quality materials and seamless workmanship in the seating area make the Baby Swim diaper easy to wear in the water and on land.

Swim diapers for girls and boys: sweet designs especially for babies
At first glance, the swim diaper looks like a little baby swimsuit, but the swim diapers are tighter and no extra diaper is needed. This does not only save effort but also costs. Our designers always work with attention to detail and design: cute penguins, pink flamingos, big and small turtles, cute crabs and cute jellyfish are not only native to the water, but also on our swimming diapers. Which swimming diapers are suitable for boys or girls, the little ones decide mostly themselves. But beware: the girls' swim diapers have ruffles at the back.

Reusable swimming diapers: environmentally friendly & sustainable
The LASSIG reusable swim diapers are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable swimming diapers. After the bathing fun, the swim diaper can be cleaned at 86 ° F in gentle wash cycle.
Splash & Fun Swimwear for babies: Fully equipped for the summer
Parallel to the baby swim diapers, the cute inhabitants of the underwater worlds can also be found on our sun hats as well as short and long-sleeved UV rash guards for children. These kids UV- rash guards are made of extra soft, elastic spandex and have a UV protection of 50+. In conjunction with appropriate sun lotion LASSIG thus provides the right protection for a carefree splashing and bathing. The LSSSIG Swimwear for babies and toddlers "Splash & Fun" consist of baby swim diapers, sun hats, UV-rash guards, baby beach sandals and beach towels as well as many other practical accessories which attach great importance to the use of pollutant tested materials, excellent design and high quality.