Questions about Lassig products


1. Lassig diaper bags

1.1 Can I wash the Lassig bags in the washing machine?
Our bags are made of high quality materials. Almost all bags can be easily washed by hand. We do not recommend cleaning in the washing machine. For drying, do not put the bags in the dryer or the spin cycle of the washing machine. Just let it dry in the air. If you have a leather case, please protect it from water and moisture.

1.2 Are the bags tested for hamful substances?
Lassig products are tested for harmful substances and run through strict quality controls. In addition, some of our products also include recycled materials and organic cotton. We only make way for the joy of living, activity and a conscious sustainable use of resources offered to us by nature.

1.3 What does sustainable production mean?
We take responsibility out of conviction. It is our personal attitude to produce environmentally conscious and resource-conserving. In addition, we have our own code of conduct, which is the basis for our cooperation with our partners (for example: working hours, etc.). With our suppliers, we cultivate a trusting relationship that is geared towards long-term sustainability. Here you can find out more about sustainable production at Lassig.

1.4 For which age are children's bags suitable?
Our children's bags are suitable for children from the age of two.

1.5 How long does the bottle holder keep warm?
Our high-quality, insulated bottles keep up to two hours warm (depending on the outlet temperature). Please note that this is only for freshly boiled (up to 100 degrees warmed) and bottled water.

1.6 Who is behind the creative pockets?
Each woman has her own style, to which she also remains faithful after the birth of a child. That's why we have something for every taste with around 150 different diaper bags. The range extends from elegant models to sporty bags. With each new product the functionality also plays an important role in the development. So things such as the chaning mat or the wet pocket have to be considered. We work together with an experienced team of designers and are inspired in modem workshops or trade fair visits. Last but not least, feedback from customers, business partners and employees is also included.

3 Lassig Bibs

3.1 For which age are the bibs suitable?
0 to 6 months = small
6 to 12 months = medium
12 to 24 months = large

3.2 What are the different models?
We have the right bibs for every requirement and every occasion. From bibs in different sizes, to models with and without sleeves and "catchers" to bibs of different materials, with and without coating.