7 Great Summertime Day Trip with Kids

Summer is finally here, and families are ready to enjoy fabulous outdoor activities. Little kids love outside adventures during the summer, and there are many ways to spend a memorable day together.

We’ve compiled seven great excursions that are just perfect for kids from toddlers on up to tweens.

#1 Zoo

Children adore animals, especially if they can pet or feed them. Many zoos offer public feedings so you can at least watch big cats or seals during mealtime. Even in bad weather, the zoo is a good destination: Many of the theme areas are covered, so you can observe lizards, butterflies, snakes, or monkeys in peace and quiet.

#2 Country

Pack your things, preferably in a picnic basket, and get away from it all with a nice drive into the countryside. You’ll likely find the perfect spot to enjoy the afternoon on a blanket. Do a little research first so that you can explain to your little one the difference between an oak and a maple, or play a game in which you guess which bird is chirping. You might “plant a seed” for a lifetime’s love of nature!

#3 Playground

Here’s a time-honored way to keep your kids busy and let them get rid of all their excess energy. Be sure to pack some snacks and some toys for the sandbox as well. Be sure to keep them in view at all times, even your older kids, to make sure that they’re not putting themselves at risk by climbing too high.

#4 Farm

Toddlers can discover something new and become familiar with nature at a farm, where they’ll get to know calves, pigs, and/or ponies. They can learn where their breakfast eggs and milk come from and what it means to use a mill to grind grain for cereal. A worthwhile trip for the whole family!

#5 Pool or Beach

The sometimes-long journey to cool water is well worth it on a hot day. With towel, sunglasses, buoyancy aid, and sunscreen, you and the kids will be ready for splashy swim fun! Remember that it’s never too early to start teaching your kids about water safety.

#6 Museum

Rainy day? No problem! If the weather is bad, find the nearest museum and enjoy a day of fun experiential learning. Whether science, art, or nature—there are many great choices. Another great benefit is that many museums don’t charge children under 12 years of age.

#7 Miniature Golf

Here’s fun for everyone in the family! Your kids will learn to improve their eye-hand coordination, and you’ll challenge yourself with a little friendly competition. Admission is usually low and family discounts are usually available. Fore!

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