5 Tips for Buying Kids’ Swimwear

Summer’s here and the time is right for swimming with your little ones!

But first, you need to get ready by providing your baby or toddler with swimwear that’s fun, fashionable, and functional above all else. Whether at the pool or on the beach, here are the five most important factors to consider when buying swimwear for children:


The right size is important so that your child can fully enjoy their fun in the sun. Clothing that’s too tight leaves painful impressions on the skin, while clothing that’s too loose must be pulled up again and again. The best way to test it is by putting a finger between the straps or in the waistband while your child is wearing the item; your finger should be snug against the fabric or strap.


From quick-drying synthetics to cotton, there is a wide selection of swimwear fabrics to choose from. Cotton swimwear has less sun protection than swimwear made of synthetic fiber. In high-quality swimwear, extra UV protection is incorporated, so your child's delicate skin is well protected from the sun's rays.


Sun protection

UV protection is especially important for smaller children, because their skin has no self-protection and can burn quickly. Because sunscreen needs to be reapplied frequently, it is advantageous to cover the child’s entire body with UV-protected clothing—particularly head coverings that offer neck protection.


Swim Diapers

For smaller children who aren’t quite ready to be in the water without a diaper, consider a reusable swim diaper instead of a disposable one. These handy items are machine washable and environmentally friendly, offer an ideal fit, and are available in different adorable designs, like board shorts or tankinis.



For high-quality swimwear to last as long as possible, optimal care is important. It is best to rinse the item with non-chlorinated water immediately after swimming. Don’t lay it directly in the sun; just bring it home, wash the item with a mild laundry detergent, and let it air-dry. Pay attention to the information on the material. Again, there are differences: Swimsuits made of the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE ™ by the company INVISTA are especially durable. The material provides a high resistance to chlorine, UV rays, and unsaturated fatty acids that may occur in sunscreens, body oils, and perspiration. This fabric helps ensure that the swimwear retains its shape and vibrant colors even after frequent use. 

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